North American Bluebird Society Approved
Bluebird Nesting Boxes

North American Bluebird Society Approved <br>Bluebird Nesting Boxes
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North American Bluebird Society Approved <br>Bluebird Nesting Boxes
A few short years ago, the Eastern Bluebird was nearly eradicated due to a shortage of natural cavities for nesting and competition from Sparrows and Starlings, causing the bluebird population to decline by nearly 90%. Today, thanks to the efforts of organizations like the North American Bluebird Society, Bluebirds are flourishing in North Carolina as well as throughout the country. The most important step we can take to help bring back the Bluebird is to provide nesting sites by placing a Bluebird nesting box or starting a bluebird trail. A Bluebird trail is a series of Bluebird nesting boxes placed along a prescribed route.

We are pleased to offer a nesting box that has been officially approved by NABS (The North American Bluebird Society). NABS has very specific requirements for nest box approval, including sizes, fastners, and even the type of wood used. Each box comes with the NABS Seal of Approval attached.

Handmade in our Artisan Woodworking Studio, our residents assemble, sand, and seal, our Bluebird nesting boxes. Made from solid 3/4 inch heart Cypress, cut and milled here in North Carolina, our boxes are assembled with quality lifetime fasteners, and each is sealed on the exterior with water based wood sealer, and have our trademark blue roof. You may reseal the exterior of your box annually and it will last indefinitely. Enclosed are two lifetime screws for mounting the nest box through predrilled holes in the top and bottom of the box. Depending on the mounting surface you choose, place two screws in the top two holes, or one in the top and one in the bottom for stability. Another option is to attached the box to a long thin piece of wood or metal, and then insert the attached into a pipe driven into the ground.

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