The Old Log Cabin Retail Store

The Old Log Cabin Retail Store
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The Old Log Cabin Retail Store

Berry Towne Crafts is pleased to invite you to join us at The Old Log Cabin retail store Monday through Friday 9am-5:00pm. The Cabin phone is 919-581-4580.

In 2004 the Artisan Studios of Berry Towne Crafts began expanding to provide increased opportunities to the individuals at O’Berry Center. Recognizing the need to enhance and improve the retail shopping experience for our patrons, the decision was made to pursue building a traditional Appalachian Log Cabin as a new retail space for our many crafts and handmade products.

Berry Towne Crafts new home is a very special building. Working with specialist in the art of log construction, and with the extensive efforts of the O’Berry staff and volunteers, Berry Towne Crafts has recreated a traditional old style Appalachian Log Cabin to be used for our craft store. Each eastern white pine log was cut into a 6 inch by 12 inch solid timber. The building features hand cut extended dovetail notched corners. Staff and volunteers hand hewned the inside and outside of every log. The hewning used the traditional tools, the hatchet and adze. The logs were erected and connected to each other by the time honored method of driving oak wood pegs between each joint. After erecting the entire 1600 square foot cabin, every joint and connection has been hand chinked both inside and out. The porches and all the trim is of locally harvested and sawn cypress. Every detail, from the exterior logs, to the heart pine floors held down by forged wrought iron nails, will insure that patrons enjoy a special shopping experience.

Berry Towne Crafts: Exceptional People - Exceptional Work

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