Our World Famous Pecan and Peanut Snacks

We have been preparing and selling our pecan products since 1995. Sold under the brand The Old Log Cabin Mercantile, our pecan products have been a long standing tradition for us, inspired by the abundance of pecan groves on our campus. We have also been very fortunate to forge a special relationship with a local peanut grower, supplying us with the highest quality extra-large jumbo peanuts, guaranteed to be the finest goobers you will ever eat. Using these two local grown products, we offer many extraordinarly delicious choices. From butter roasted to sweet and spicy, praline to maple glazed, we have a flavor to satisfy every persons taste buds. All of our products are available in The Old Log Cabin. We have upgraded our packaging to a heat sealed, tamper proof container. Please note that the cost per ounce for our products have actually decreased, reflecting our savings with our new packaging. Thank you for looking and prepare to enjoy...

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